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  • System Requirements for using the Online Search Application
  • Installing Alternatiff
  • Removing the AlternaTiff Image Viewer
  • Print Document Images Without Confirmation Boxes
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    • System Requirements for using the Online Search Application

      In order to use the Stanly County Online Search functionality there are several requirements that your remote computer must meet. These requirements are listed below:

      1. Your computer must support a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768
      2. Your Internet browser must enable our site to set a cookie upon your connection to the search application. In addition to the browser settings on your computer you will need to ensure that any second party security software or spyware software that you are running does not block the cookie.
      3. Your computer must allow pop-ups from the Stanly County Register of Deeds site, since the application opens in a new window.
      4. You will need to install the Alternatiff image viewer in order to view images. The instructions for installing Alternatiff are below.

      Installing Alternatiff

      The AlternaTiff Image Viewer from MIE, Inc is required for viewing Images through the Stanly County Register of Deeds Online Search Application. Here’s how to install:

      1. Click here to open the Alternatiff installation page
      2. You’ll see a popup similar to the one below, click the “Yes” button to install AlternaTiff.
      3. When you see an image like the one below, click it to open the registration screen.
      4. Please note that the viewer must be registered, and not just downloaded, in order to view images.
      5. If you experience difficulty installing the AlternaTiff view please visit for troubleshooting details.
      6. Once the viewer is successfully installed, close all browser windows. Upon opening a new browser window and accessing you should have no trouble viewing available images.

      Removing the AlternaTiff Image Viewer

      In the event that you have installed the AlternaTiff image viewer but would like to remove it, please follow the steps below:

      1. Navigate using Windows Explorer to your “Downloaded Program Files” folder. For most users, this folder can be located by following C:\windows\Downloaded Program Files. If you cannot access this folder, please contact you local system administrator.
      2. Within this folder you should see a file called, “AlternaTIFF Active X”
      3. Make sure that your computer does not have any Internet Explorer browser windows open. If Internet Explorer is open, please close the Internet Explorer window before proceeding.
      4. Highlight the file and then right-click the file with your right mouse button. A menu should appear that includes “Remove” as a choice.
      5. Click “Remove” and a pop-up box should present the message that “AlternaTIFF Active X will be removed permanently. Are you sure?”
      6. Click the “Yes” button to permanently remove the image viewer.

      Print Document Images Without Confirmation Boxes

      By default, when you print document images on this site, you are first asked to select a printer. If you feel that selecting a printer each time is repetitive and unnecessary, you can set your browser to print documents without these confirmation boxes. Here’s how:

      1. Click this button now (depending on your browser, you may need to click it twice) ->
      2. Select “More Settings”.
      3. Click the “Advanced” tab.
      4. Check “Allow web pages to print without confirmation”. Note: The setting says that it’s “not recommended” because of the unlikely possibility that a website could print documents to your printer without your consent. However, you can trust that this site will only print the documents you expressly choose.
      5. Click “OK”.

      Email with a Help Question

      If you are having other difficulties using this site and the topic is not covered on this help page, feel free to email with your question.