Quotes from Courthouse Computer Systems customers

“Our office has relied on Courthouse Computer Systems for our critical land records software needs since 2006. Their technical expertise, flexibility, reliability, and dedication to ensuring that our systems are up and performing both to our and our office’s customers’ expectations means everything to the success of our office. Their software package contains the features needed to make land records searches quick and simple for the public while also meeting all the internal recording and auditing needs that are so important to our daily operations. I believe we receive great value from CCS’s products … which in turn allows us to meet our obligations to the taxpayers who fund our office.”

Carolyn Comer, Surry County Register of Deeds

“The relationship Stanly County Register of Deeds has with Courthouse Computer Systems has been an asset to this office and for the citizens. Chuck, Charlie and all of the CCS team are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to new technology and ways to improve their already advanced system. Attorneys, abstractors, genealogist and the general public find the system easy to navigate. Our office has never had a problem that did not get resolved in a very timely manner. If we have a new need or idea they are always willing to listen and meet our needs.

“In addition to the CCS team being very knowledgeable they are thoughtful and caring people that we thoroughly enjoy working with. It has been a pleasure working with CCS the past 23 + years and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Suzanne Lowder, Stanly County Register of Deeds

“Richmond County has been with Courthouse computer systems for sometime. They are a great vendor, when I have a problem, Charlie stays with me until it is solved. He keeps our computer upgraded and he has put Richmond county on the map as being one of the most user friendly websites in North Carolina.”

Linda Douglas, Richmond County Register of Deeds

“I have been a customer of Courthouse Computer Systems since November of 2012. When our office went live, the management and staff were forever available with any question or issue we had about the system. There were many things written into our software that was very beneficial to our way of office procedures. I have never once made a phone call or talked personally with Charlie about a new feature needed that he wasn’t kind, professional and courteous, no matter how odd the request may have been.

“Since I’ve been a customer, he continuously adds new products and program updates that makes Courthouse Computer Systems the best Recording Software vendor. Never has there been a time where an issue was not handled efficiently and professionally. The family atmosphere of the staff and the willingness to always be available is very important to the Registers and I promise if you’re looking for a company with great customer service, Courthouse Computer Systems is your vendor.”

Danny R. Hester, Lincoln County Register of Deeds

“When Charlie first came to our office just to demonstrate his software, our office fell in love with the program and with Charlie, himself. The program is very user friendly and understandable even to a person with no computer skills. Charlie has always been available at any time and taken care of all our needs, both immediate or long range. His representative, Cory, is a very friendly, knowledgeable person. At no time were we ever made to feel inadequate as all of us had different knowledge of computer usage. We have enjoyed the years we have been with Courthouse Computer Systems and look forward to many more years to come.”

Joy Pritchard, Pasquotank County Register of Deeds

“Charlie and his team at Courthouse Computer Systems provide the most up-to-date technology and extraordinary customer service that enable us to meet the daily demands of our Office and the customers we serve. It just works! What better statement can I make? As a Register of Deeds, I do not have to worry about CCS software because it is dependable and allows us to provide our numerous services with confidence and continuity. We can focus our attention on the customer. Plus, the cutting-edge technology offered by CCS allows us the flexibility to explore new opportunities to enhance and improve the lives of our citizens without sacrificing our day-to-day duties.”

Rebecca Cipriani, Rockingham County Register of Deeds

“All I can say is that changing to Courthouse Computer Systems is the best thing that the Register of Deeds Office could of done. The system is very user friendly. We love Charlie and the whole CCS staff. They always get back to us in a timely manner if we have any questions or concerns. CCS IS THE BEST!!!”

Vanzolla McMurran, Dare County Register of Deeds

“When I decided to change vendors at the end of last year, I researched several software companies and then made demonstration appointments with five of those companies. After my staff, the Randolph County IT Director and I viewed the systems of each company and saw the features each had available, the unanimous decision was to migrate to Courthouse Computer Systems (CCS). Then, before we could even test with CCS, my previous vendor shut down our website on a Friday afternoon with only one day’s notice. Charlie and his team worked through the weekend in order to have a website available for our customers on Monday morning. We went live in-house with his system on Wednesday of that same week. For several days afterwards, Charlie and one of his staff members were available onsite during the conversion implementation process for any questions, guidance or problems that could occur. CCS has also implemented several changes that we requested to be added to the system. The CCS staff are always helpful, responsive and work diligently to help in any way possible so that we can better serve our customers.”

Krista M. Lowe, Randolph County Register of Deeds

“We get compliments from customers that use our system, saying they wished every county Register of Deeds office used the same program. Ours is user friendly and navigation is simple. First time users do not have a problem finding information they need.”

Melanie Storey, Herford County Register of Deeds

“Back in July of 2013, I contracted with Courthouse Computer Systems to back scan our bound real estate and vital books. I always had a fear of the books leaving the office to accomplish this project, but Cory came to our office with the equipment and scanned them on site. He then took the scans back to their office, where the staff got them prepared and loaded onto our system. As a register, having these done on site was more comfortable than having to send the books off site and risk losing them.”

Danny R. Hester, Lincoln County Register of Deeds

“Courthouse Computer Systems (known in this area as “Charlie’s System”) is highly recommended by local attorneys, paralegals, abstractors, appraisers, and surveyors. This software program is very user friendly and new patrons have no problem learning the system. My first experience with Courthouse Computer Systems occurred while I was employed with Pasquotank County Register of Deeds and it was a very positive experience. We were all very nervous about learning a new system but Charlie stayed with us and the transition was very smooth. I was given the opportunity to work with the Camden County Register of Deeds office when the Register decided to retire. Numerous people asked if I would please consider changing to “Charlie’s System.” Thankfully this was approved by the county.

“Let me also add the staff employed with Courthouse Computer Systems makes this software program successful. I find each and every one that has addressed any concerns or issues to be very knowledgeable, available, and eager to resolve any problem that may occur. Thank you all for your support. This has been a very positive experience for Camden County.”

Tammie Krauss, Camden County Register of Deeds

“Since beginning our relationship with Courthouse Computer Systems, I have been very impressed with how such a highly sophisticated software system can be so user friendly. My staff and our customers have universally praised the system its features and ease of use. I also like that they are always looking for ways to keep the system on the cutting edge of technology by constantly making enhancements to improve the system. From an administrative standpoint, I think I have been most impressed by the level of customer service offered by Courthouse Computer Systems. The management team is very customer oriented which was a big factor in my decision to go with their system. They always seems eager address any needs I may have, but if one of my users has a question or suggestion the folks at Courthouse are always willing to listen.

“I am confident that choosing Courthouse Computers as my office’s software vendor was the right decision for my office and more especially for the citizens of Duplin County.”

Davis H. Brinson, Duplin County Register of Deeds

“My staff and I, along with the public who uses our online system are very pleased with the services provided by Charlie Roederer and Courthouse Computer Systems! The system is simple and efficient to use, both on the recording/indexing/scanning side as well as the retrieval of documents online. CCS offers wonderful Customer Service! Charlie and his staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help.”

Amy Shook, Watauga County Register of Deeds

“This office has been with Courthouse Computer Systems since 2011. My experience with this company has been nothing but positive. The techs and sales people are always available if the need arises. The software is so user friendly. Individuals who utilize either the in house system or website comment about how easy it is to navigate. With this system, our recording, scanning and financial reporting procedures have been streamlined from hours to minutes. Whether it’s software updates or changes to the laws that pertain to this office, Courthouse Computer System is always on top of it.”

Jacqueline S. Frierson, Perquimans County Register of Deeds

“As Register of Deeds of Person County, North Carolina, I have had the opportunity to work with Courthouse Computer Systems in managing my software solutions since 2007. Courthouse Computer Systems is no stranger to Registers of Deeds in North Carolina. Since I became Registrar in 1992, the Roederer name has been around and offering technology solutions. Charlie Roederer has perfected the recording, indexing and accounting modules for his system that is very user friendly.

“Since being elected in 1992 I have had the onus of deciding which systems would be right for Person County. When North Carolina required computerized indexing in 1995 I chose a different vendor and had two other vendors before deciding that the best vendor for Person County was Courthouse Computer Systems. The transfer of data from the previous system to Courthouse Computer Systems was a smooth transaction. Charlie and his team made sure that the business end of my office was not interrupted while he was changing over systems.

“Since 2007 there have been numerous changes in the laws that govern the way we index and Courthouse Computer Systems has been on the cutting edge with the latest technology solutions. In fact, when the minimum standards for indexing compliance reviews were required by the Secretary of State in 2008, Courthouse Computer Systems was one of the first to submit for testing and passed. If there are future software versions, Courthouse Computer Systems will also submit them for review.

“Courthouse Computer Systems has been a great investment for Person County. If there is ever a problem, the solution is quickly resolved. The ease of use, the logic behind what transpires in day to day business, and the reduction of errors have given me a sense of great accomplishment for the people I serve here in Person County. I can’t thank Charlie and his team enough in making a system a smaller county can afford and is an all-inclusive Register of Deeds package.”

Amanda W. Garrett, Person County Register of Deeds

“Since your system was installed in our office in 2011, we have had nothing but good feed-back from our users – they say it is extremely user-friendly, and easy to maneuver through. We love it!”

Gene Reynolds, Tyrrell County Register of Deeds

“We love all the staff at Courthouse Computer Systems. They are always cordial and willing to help meet the needs of our very busy, ever changing office. I chose Courthouse computer systems based on the excellent reviews of their current customers.”

Sharon Willoughby, Pender County Register of Deeds

“CCS has been an active partner in helping our office better serve our clients. Our office partnered with them to facilitate online vital record requests through their GetCertificateNow system and to preserve and digitize our old property records. In both cases, CCS has been innovative in their approach and responsive to our questions and requests. Charlie and his staff collaborate with us to provide our clients with exceptional service and value.”

L. Page Pratt III, Scotland County Register of Deeds

“I am extremely pleased with the GCN program. It is very easy to maneuver when processing requests. If ever I have an issue with the system I get immediate response, which is wonderful since normally I am dealing with an online order customer on the phone at the same time. Continue the good work!!”

Lisa Nichols, Pitt County Register of Deeds

“Courthouse Computer Systems had what I was looking for when I wanted to offer an online option for Certified copies of Birth, Death or Marriage License. I needed no extra equipment, cost was great and all I had to do was add a link to my website. Citizens could order records from the comfort of their home 24/7 and receive them in the mail, with a small convenience fee for this service charged by Courthouse Computer Systems. With Identity Theft being very important to me, the downloadable feature of the picture ID was a must. It has been a great service for our customers. Charlie & Cory with Courthouse Computer Systems has been great to work with and where available when we needed them.”

Susan Lockridge, Gaston County Register of Deeds

“We get compliments from customers that use our system, saying they wished every county Register of Deeds office used the same program. Ours is user friendly and navigation is simple. First time users do not have a problem finding information they need.”

Melanie Storey, Hertford County Register of Deeds

“We have been with Courthouse Computers since 2012, love the software. The staff is great and a pleasure to work with, quick to respond when a problem occurs.”

Lynn C. Gilliard, Chowan County Register of Deeds