Certified documents provided in 3 simple steps

Step #1: Apply
Provide the required information to obtain a certified copy.

Step #2: Pay
Enter credit card information for secure processing.

Step #3: Receive
Documents will be mailed to your home.

Get Certificate Now assists your public by providing them with the convenience of being able to request vital record copies from their own home or office. Instead of either needing to drive to the Courthouse or send the request and payment through the mail the public can immediately request a copy and securely transfer payment via their credit card. In exchange for a small convenience fee, a user can obtain a certified copy quicker and with much less hassle than any other method. When your office receives a certified copy request electronically, they include numerous fraud prevention features not currently available for mailed in requests. The software tracks each request and the revenue from each transaction is deposited via ACH transfer to the county on a daily basis.

Partial List of Benefits to the Public

  • Submitting an application can occur at their convenience and not just the hours that the courthouse is open.
  • Payment is securely transferred without the hassle of obtaining money orders or certified checks.
  • A Certificate can be obtained more quickly because in most cases your office will be able to process the request the same day the customer submits it.

Partial List of Benefits to the Register of Deeds Office

  • County receives payment on a daily basis without the worry that personal checks might not clear. Get Certificate Now offers guaranteed money.
  • Offering another channel for requesting certified copies will generate additional revenue for the county.
  • Foot traffic in your office is reduced and staff can process requests at their convenience rather than when the customer is waiting in front of them.
  • Proof of identification is received securely and required for every transaction.
  • A searchable electronic record of your vital record requests is automatically created and maintained for future auditing or fraud analysis.

Fraud Prevention
GetCertificateNow has built in a variety of fraud detection mechanisms that individual counties can decide to enable to ensure that the person submitting an online request is authorized to receive a certified copy. This list includes but is not limited to requiring the secure upload of proof of identification, requiring security fields be completed, and performing address verification for the requesting party. Of course, your office will always make the ultimate decision on whether or not to issue a certified copy and transactions can be cancelled at any time.