Key Features

  • Put volumes of information at the public’s fingertips
  • Reduce storage costs and requirements.
  • Reconstruct and protect aging documents.
  • Capture large and standard paper formats.

Digitize your information assets efficiently and cost-effectively
To improve the security and accessibility of county records, we offer document scanning services.  Back-scanning allows images to be retrieved and printed from computer stations or over the Internet.  Existing bound copies of records or rare and fragile documents are protected from further damage.

In counties where microfilm copies do not exist for all documents, scanning offers a cost effective means of creating an archival copy of documents by converting a high-resolution scanned image to microfilm.  Begin with your most current records. Then make older documents available via the Internet and increase the accessibility of public information.

All scanning is completed onsite, so there is never a worry about loss or damage due to transportation.  No project is too large or small.