Old index records that predate electronic systems have historically only been searchable by opening and a physical book. The books are usually quite heavy and their quality is deteriorating over time. Fortunately, this is no longer true! Courthouse Computer Systems offers both the technology and the service to easily make analog index information scanned and searchable online. Through our search tools, the records appear exactly as they do in the original index. Users have the ability to search old index books and view document images back to the formation of the county whenever and wherever they choose.

Improved Archiving of Information

  • Records are digitally preserved in the event of natural disaster or accidental destruction
  • Records are digitally enhanced so that the final product can be even more readable than the original product. Among other things, images are lightened, darkened, contrast adjusted and cropped.
  • With the information available electronically, the original records book are handled much less frequently, with subjects them to much less wear and tear

Improved Access to Information

  • An intuitive interface allows users to quickly locate the information they are looking for and page through the records just as they would if they were paging through the book
  • Completed records are being made available both in the Register of Deeds office but also through a hosted website where all of the public can conveniently access them 24/7
  • Our Historical Search module can be integrated within a full record management system tailored for your office or it can be used in conjunction with the existing search websites maintained by other vendors
  • Images can be processed by our automated redaction engine to detect social security numbers and drivers’ license numbers