The Land Records Document Management module can help you maximize efficiency while digitally maintaining county records.   The module enables entry of index information, scanning of document images and instantaneous retrieval of information within the courthouse.  The module includes a document management server, one or more indexing and scanning stations, and one or more retrieval stations.

Key Features

  • Provides process control for generating on-demand printed indexes that can be created and updated at will.
  • Integrated workflow for data entry, verification, correction and finalization of records.
  • Automatic error checking to ensure index entry adheres to guidelines or conventions.
  • Customized rules engine for specifying index entry guidelines.
  • Unlimited name entries per document.
  • Optional re-key capability to reduce errors by indexing a document twice.
  • Hot-key feature for automatic entry of frequently used parties.
  • Onscreen or printable index verification reports.
  • Instant access to records as soon as data entry is complete.  Records are designated as being “Unverified” until review and verification is complete.
  • Search functions that use multiple criteria including partial or complete names, document type, and date range.
  • Record linking capabilities to simplify title-searching process.
  • Role-based permissions to regulate access to functions and data within the office.
  • Back-up and fail-over capabilities to ensure continuous system operation.

Extensive indexing capabilities
Record indexing is based upon a logical workflow that supports record entry, record verification, record correction, and record certification to promote accuracy.  The user interface for indexing records is intuitively designed for ease of learning and includes numerous features such as hot-key field entry, maintenance of last values entered, and custom verification reports to reduce indexing effort.

Customized imaging options
Numerous options are available for document imaging and preservation.  Documents may be scanned in batch or in real time using an integrated scanner and copier.  A combination scanner/copier enables a document when initially recorded to be preserved in hard copy and made immediately available for retrieval on all workstations.  CCS also offers digital to microfilm conversion of images for archival storage. Learn more…

Intuitive retrieval stations
The number of connected retrieval stations depends on county size. The straightforward user interface joins index information and images when searching, onscreen viewing and printing.   Images and index information may also be easily uploaded to a secure web site for Web retrieval.