The optional Point Of Sale (POS) and Document Receiving module improves overall office workflow by seamlessly integrating the receiving of documents with the indexing system.  The POS module assigns instrument numbers, book numbers, and page numbers of land records to reduce the data entry required when indexing records.  Original documents are stamped by the system at the time of recording to ensure that each document received is immediately accounted for.  The POS module operates as the office cash register by controlling the cash drawer, printing receipts, and producing detailed ledger reports of all transactions.

Key Features

  • Integrates with indexing workflow to reduce the entering of duplicate information.
  • Provides book, page and document number stamps for original document.
  • Automates calculation of fees.
  • Supports multiple transactions on a single receipt.
  • Keeps detailed track of ledger activity.
  • Generates reports for any time span with custom capabilities.
  • Supports single or multiple cash registers and receiving stations.