The Stanly County Register of Deeds offers eRecording services for Satisfactions only.

eRecording enables customers to file and record their Satisfactions / Cancellation documents with the Stanly County Register of Deeds Office via the internet. Our customers no longer need to submit records by express mail, courier or in-person. The benefits of eRecording include: faster recording of your Satisfaction / Cancellation documents; reduced costs associated with paper, postage, fuel and time; fewer rejected documents and increased document security.

The efficiencies realized by the utilization of eRecording result in cost savings and greater productivity to both the Register of Deeds Office and our partners in the private sector.

Financial institutions (title companies, banks, etc.), legal professionals and private individuals who would like to submit documents electronically to the Stanly County Register of Deeds should contact our authorized eRecording provider:

Corporation Service Company (CSC)
Joseph M. DeLuca
800.927.9801 x65844
302-803-0924 (mobile)